Makeup & Hair

Driven by her passion for art and a youth filled with fashion magazines and painting, Marianne moves to Montreal at an early age to study beauty and work with the prestigious brand Make Up for Ever. From then she built an interest in storytelling and explored the world of beauty. Sensitivity and human contact guide the choice of all her projects. Her aesthetic is a mix of effortless glam and monochromatic layering. Known for highlighting natural beauty and radiant skin, most of her work is made by hand, no brushes, which the artist says is the extension of herself. 

While focusing on the external, she is able to make her clients feel good within, which she believes is the root to looking great. While still working on numerous campaigns and advertising, Marianne is currently studying Art history and women study. A realm that restored her sense of self, fuels her artistic passion, and empowers her to see beyond societal standards of beauty. 

beauty and fashion