Art Direction
Prop Stylist & Set

Graphic design, artistic direction, animation and set design: Olivier juggles with all those skills with spectacular ease and dexterity. With a bachelor in Graphic Design from UQAM, he's worked in New York with Sagmeister and Walsh and for Vallée Duhamel with whom he created projects for Frank & Oak and Hermès, among others. The multi-talented artist is known for mergiing his unconditional love for art with his creative versatility in oder to build complete and immersive universes.

You only need to take one glimpse at Olivier's work to better understand the world he lives in; onewhere colours pop and geometrical shapes reign. " I love my projects to be infused with a certain dose of magic; to make people smile", he says.

Besides his work for ARTV - he entirely revamped the network's visual identity- he's also been poached by no other than Apple to join of their design teams to work on a special project.


special projects