Nail Artist

Like a painter in front of a blank canvas, Tamara considers that every nail is a mastepiece to-be. After studying fashion design and visual arts, she decided to merge the two together and go to Asia to train as a nail artist.

Back in Montreal and so deeply inspired by 3D Japanese-inspired techniques, she opened her own salon in 2009, called Candy Nail Bar. Since then, she has developed a style that can ve spotted miles away: " I love to do mini painting on nails in bright colours". she says. Her monochromatic and marbled designs have garned just a much praise.

Now educator ambassador and Grand Master for the CND brand, she's painted Celine Dion and Christina Aguilera's nails, just to name a few, and her artworks have been featured in Elle Canada and Harper's Bazaar Vietnam.


Di Lullo