Wes Myron is a 25 year old

Canadian model and fitness/

lifestyle entrepreneur from Victoria,

British Columbia with a big story.

Wes was a young ice hockey star, playing for Team Canada, and drafted

to the NHL with the Vancouver Canucks. However, injuries forced him out

of the game by the age of just 22, leaving Wes in a state of despair.

It was at his lowest ebb that Wes realised how fortunate he had been to

have received fifteen years of world class coaching in all aspects of fitness

and success. If he could harness the skills drilled into him to succeed in

professional sports, he could rebuild his life in another passion area.

Wes wanted to help people who were not achieving the best health

and life success results, by applying the lessons he knew worked from

experience. He then created the Elite Performance Lifestyle – a unique

health and life plan across four pillars of excellence; Fitness, Nutrition,

Focus and Motivation, and Sleep and Recovery.

To promote his business, Wes began posting about his program to

Instagram. With his rugged yet classic good looks creating waves on

social, Wes picked up the interest of a series of top model agencies,

before Wes signed with State Management, New York.

Today, Wes spends his time traveling the world for model jobs, whilst

running his fitness/lifestyle business. In his personal time, Wes is an

accomplished athlete, playing multiple sports to a high standard.


INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/wes.myron/

WEBSITE: https://wesmyronfitness.com/product/elite-performance-lifestyle/